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Talent Sourcing

Efficiency, meet Effectiveness

Efficiency and effectiveness are not the same.

Efficiency is the ability to solve solutions with the least amount of wasted time and resources. 

Effectiveness is the degree to which something meets expectations, or in other words, its success.

Office Desk

Summit provides a comprehensive recruitment service to our business partners to simplify their search for the “perfect candidate”. Finding and placing talented candidates in today's world can be difficult and time-consuming. Employers may also find it difficult to manage a pool of candidates and push them through the interview process quickly enough, to avoid losing their ideal candidate. 


We simplify business.

Our goal is to provide skilled and experienced talent that matches your specific needs so that you can utilize your resources quickly and successfully.  Whether you are looking for temporary solutions or executive recruitment, we are here.

Business Partner Benefits

Why choose Summit Workforce?

Our team knows how stressful searching for qualified candidates can be.  Getting to the finish line can take time, but that is by design.  In today’s busy and hyperconnected and competitive world it is hard to find and vet excellent candidates who are dependable long-term and care about the work they do.  It’s for that reason that we source and place talented candidates very carefully by connecting the right person to the right opportunity, at the right time.  We only recommend candidates who meet the requirements you lay out for the position in addition to having a can-do-will-do attitude, ensuring they bring a positive attitude and a likely fit for your team.

Your success is our success.

Partnering with Summit Workforce will

  1. Help find qualified candidates exactly when you need them.

  2. Ease your short-term work placement headaches.

  3. Reduce hard-to-fill position management.

  4. Increase cost-effectiveness of labor management.

  5. Expand your network of professional candidates and your business visibility

Payroll Programs

You select the employee that fits best within your organization, and we handle the rest.  We will keep this individual on our payroll so we retain the employer status and the tax and insurance liabilities.

Temporary Support

Temporary employees can help alleviate stress when your business is in a jam.  Employees taking a leave of absence or being injured can leave you struggling because of their highly specialized roles.  Let us help keep your productivity flowing!

Looking for Healthcare Professionals?

Business Partner Inquiry
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